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Quick DIY Tips For Home Sellers To Hone In On During Quarantine

Quick DIY Tips For Home Sellers To Hone In On During Quarantine

If you’re finding yourself spending more time at home lately, you’re not alone. Many Americans are sheltering-in-place, and this time is perfect for tackling those bottom-of-the-list projects you’ve been putting off. Let’s take a look at some DIY tips for tasks you can handle while social distancing measures are in place.



Marketing a house during coronavirus is all about visuals, with many buyers relying on photos and virtual tours to make decisions. While you would generally tackle household clutter in advance of listing your home, you may not have the luxury of hiring someone to help. Buyers are going to be interested in seeing all of the available storage space in your home, so take this time to sort through items. 


Organize and pack those items you’re keeping, and consider renting a storage pod to begin moving items out of your home for staging [and get a head start on your move]. While it’s excellent to pare things down, make sure you check with your garbage collection service, as many have limited large item collection while people are in quarantine.


Repair minor dents and dings

If you have damage to your walls, now is the time to fix them. Grab a tub of spackle and go through your home with a fine-tooth comb. Take care of tiny holes from hanging pictures and mirrors, and touch up any nicks around doors. Be sure to go back through and sand down those areas once they’re dry, and touch up with paint afterward. Your attention to detail will pay off when buyers walk through. Remember, your home is under a microscope, and small things stick out to potential buyers.



Do you have leftover paint stored away in your garage, shed, or basement? Use up old paint by touching up areas of chipped paint inside and out. How’s your front door looking? Now is the perfect time to make your home look inviting by giving the door a fresh coat of paint. Take a look at trim and crown molding around your home and touch up as necessary.


Power wash

Again, one of the best selling tips during coronavirus is making sure that your home makes an impact. You only get a split second to make an impression, as buyers scroll through area listings online. And since your listing thumbnail is of the front of your home, it needs to look immaculate outside. 


Power washing can easily be tackled in a weekend and is perfect for cleaning up years of dirt and grime buildup on brick and stone. Take a look at your fencing and deck areas. If you have moss or mold buildup, power washing can take the wood around your home from looking dated to brand new.


Tend the beds

With spring officially here, it’s time to get your beds cleaned-up and planted. If you’re lucky enough to have bulbs doing their thing, spend some time weeding the flower beds, and when you’re done, lay down mulch to protect your work. Beautifully planted and mulched flower beds make an impact and give the impression of a well-tended house.  


While streaming trendy documentaries are great for relaxing during quarantine, you can use some of that time to get your home prepped for purchase. Remember, the time and attention to detail you spend now will be rewarded with an expedient selling process. So, what project is first on your list?