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Easy and Affordable Rental Property Upgrades

Painting a Wall

Upgrading your rental unit doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of budget-friendly improvements you can do which can create a great impact.

Here are a few easy and affordable upgrades you can consider for your rental property:


You don’t need to repaint the entire house. You can pick your spots by focusing only on key rooms and creating accent walls. Be sure to take a look at current interior color trends to make the home look attractive.

Fix the roof

A leaky roof can cause major problems with rentals. It can devalue your asset, cause increasing repair bills, create maintenance problems for tenants, and damage their belongings, which you may be responsible for. In most cases, you don’t need a new roof, just a few patches will do.

Kitchen upgrades

There are many ways to upgrade a kitchen without breaking the bank. You can start with resurfacing the existing cabinets, which are a more affordable option than replacing them with new ones.

You may also want to expand kitchen countertops, add a standalone bar or a kitchen backsplash, which are all affordable upgrades that do a great job of boosting the a kitchen’s overall appeal.

Add a flex office space

Working from home is quickly becoming more common, thanks to today’s rapid advancements in communication and connectivity. Many remote workers quickly discover that working in the dining room or from the sofa isn’t really ideal.

Reducing the number of bedrooms to create a dedicated home office might not be a good idea, but you can create flex space with a pantry, cabinet, or Murphy bed that will allow you to make instant transitions between living space and office.

Replace old appliances

Appliances are a very important factor for renters. Make a checklist of your existing appliances, and see which ones might need replacing. Leasing new appliances as a staging move is also a fantastic option. You can decide whether or not to include appliances during the lease’s duration.

Install new doors

Doors in rental properties typically get damaged. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to simply ignore it or conceal it with some touch up paint. However, if they’ve suffered a significant amount of wear and tear, installing new doors aren’t that expensive, and can boost the rental’s visual appeal.

You can get a new a door for around $80 a piece at your local hardware store. But if you plan on going bargain hunting, pay a visit to a local building supply company, which could have extra doors in stock, which they usually sell at a big discount.

Wood flooring

Many investors think carpets are a great option, but they easily absorb stains and can look dingy even after minimal wear, especially if they’re made out of cheap material.

Wood flooring is a better and more affordable option. They will help your property stand out, and the best part is they rarely need to be replaced as they’re fairly easy to fix.

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